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Tara is a passionate chef who has been in the industry for more than 25 years. She is diligently committed to her love of good food and instills her culinary ideas and wealth of experience into everything she does.

Tara’s love of food stems from her nomadic childhood, where she grew up in such diverse lands as Iran and India- drawing inspirations from the bustling markets, and rich aromas of the native cooking. She spent valuable years in France learning her culinary art under the guidance of leading chefs. It was there she developed a commercial appreciation of catering and spent time furthering her business acumen.

Tara originally founded House of Brogan, a prominent catering company in both the private and corporate sector, and a favourite amongst Auckland’s food lovers and enthusiasts alike. Building on robust relationships with the corporate sector, Tara catered for both the Americas Cup campaigns (2000 & 2003) for Louis Vuitton, Air New Zealand, Westpac Bank and Fuji Xerox among others.

In 2004 whilst continuing to operate the catering side, Tara embarked on a new culinary adventure in the opening of Savour & Devour, the well-known, thriving restaurant/cafe in Grey Lynn, with a reputation for fine, innovative food and exceptional quality. After 8 years serving the palettes of the fine people of Grey Lynn, Tara re-established House of Brogan under the new banner of The Quintessential Kitchen, in conjunction with HUBCAP Cafe.


Tara’s latest culinary adventure – Foxtrot Parlour is hidden among the culinary eateries of the bustling new Ponsonby Central Market. So come in and experience a ‘Rumbledthump’ or try some of our delicious, flavourful pulled pork. And of course we couldn’t be the 'Foxtrot Parlour' without hot rotisserie chickens in the henhouse. So stroll on by, sample a foxtrot delicacy or round off your hot summers day with one of our frothing Kapiti ice cream sodas lovingly topped with a range of yummy homemade syrup flavours.



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